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Expedite Passport Renewal – How to Renew a Routine & Expedited Passport?

Getting a passport renewal include a number of important steps and requirements. If you’re looking to renew an expedited passport, start by checking these criteria to verify you meet the renewal requirements. If any of these items are true, you can submit an application:

Expedite Passport Renewal – How to Renew a Routine & Expedited Passport?

Requirements for Routine & Expedite Passport Renewal

• Expired Passport is undamaged and is submitted with the current passport application
• The passport was issued when you are 16 years or The passport
A passport was issued 15 years or less
• A passport was issued in your current name or legal documents could be provided to prove legal name change.

Documents Needed for Renewing Your Passport

• Bring a Completed Passport Application DS-82 for Passport Renewal
• Submit Proof of Citizenship
• Provide a Passport Photo
• Pay the Passport Fees
• Bring a Photocopy of Your I.D.

However, this list of requirements only pertains to passports for adults. There is no passport renewal for children.

How to expedite an expired passport?

Once the passport application and requirements for a passport renewal are completed you would have two options to get an expedited passport renewal. These three options defer in time so it’s important to know that approximate date before traveling if you are looking for an expedited passport renewal.

Expedited Renewal with Passport Agency

Emergency renewal service with passport agency. This method of receiving the renew passport is by going to the nearest regional passport agency with all of the required documents as well as a travel itinerary that shows you will be leaving the country due to an emergency situation within the next two weeks. The most passport agency would be able to renew your passport same day.

Expedited Renewal with Registered Passport Expediting Company 

These passport expediters are a third party company which charges an additional fee on top of the renewal fee. This method you can receive your passport renewal quickly and efficiently. With an expediter, you’d be able to receive a new passport delivered conveniently and directly to you in less than 48 hours.

When this step is completed and the execution fee has been paid in full to the local acceptance agency, the applicant would then have the passport processed in one of the following methods:

1. Find an Acceptance Office. Renewing a passport can be accomplished by submitting the required passport documents listed above at the nearest area passport office. There are hundreds of passport acceptance agencies, courthouses, and county clerk offices throughout the United States that are ready and able to process passport applications.

While appointments ahead of time for this option are usually advised, walk-ins are also accepted; just be sure that you have all of the required documents in the list above in order to avoid issues or delays.

2. Expedited passport renewal services: When you are traveling in the next 14 days or 30 days and require an expedited visa you can use our quick and simple passport renewal order form.

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