How to add pages to my US passport?

US residents with a valid passport can have pages added to it if they travel often. Additional pages come in packets of 24 blank pages, which are available for a fee of $82. In order to request additional pages, passport holders must either fill out and print Form DS-4085 online or print out a blank Form DS-4085 and fill it in by hand. The form must be mailed to the address provided on the form, along with the passport and applicable fees.

The normal processing time takes about four to six weeks, but those who will be traveling within two weeks or those who need to obtain a visa to another country within four weeks can set up an appointment with a US Passport Center or Agency and hand in the form in person for faster processing.

Expedited processing from a Passport Center or Agency usually takes about eight business days. Those who request expedited service should keep in mind that there are additional fees for it. Those with a passport that will expire within six months should apply for a new one instead of adding pages, depending on the restrictions of the country they are traveling to.