Last Minute Passport-Steps to get a last minute passport

Looking to obtain a  last minute passport?  Applying for a passport could sometimes become complicated and frustrating. It’s always best to apply for a passport as early as possible. The standard processing is six to eight weeks. Fortunately for individuals who need a last minute passport, expedite services are available. Additional fees are charge for expedite services. Look for a passport agency that offer this type of service.

Last Minute Passport Options

Standard expedite services can take three weeks. Sometimes and base on the circumstances, expedite services time can be less than three weeks. The application may be able to be complete sooner if the applicant can demonstrate an urgent need. In addition to the paperwork, a pair of photograph and fees must be submitted at the same time.  Fees  can start at $60 for the rush service.
There are three options to obtain a last minute passport. These options are below:
  • Mail documents and money to the National Passport Processing Center with the word “expedite” on the envelope. This may take up to two to three weeks.
  • Apply in person at a regional passport agency. Individuals must call ahead to make an appointment and should expect a one to two week turnaround time.
  • Contact a register expediter for the fastest service. They may be able to secure a new passport in as little as 24 hours.
For individuals who are applying for the first time, or if the most recent passport was lost or stolen, or if the passport was issued more than 15 years ago, must apply in person at an authorize passport acceptance facility. The above mention service applies to individuals who need their passport in a rush. If you are not in a rush, apply via the normal process. You should receive your passport in about six to eight weeks.