Chicago Passport Agency

Emergency international travels happen. All of a sudden, a friend abroad requires your presence for a very important reason or a family member may need your physical help. If you find yourself in one of these situations and your passport is expired or you still do not have one, then the easiest way to get one at the soonest time possible is to head to your regional passport facility. If you are a resident of Chicago, then head to the Chicago Passport Agency.

Chicago travelers planning to travel within two weeks internationally or four weeks if a visa is needed, can just head to the Chicago Passport Agency to have one done. The process is fast and not tedious at all as long as you go there prepared and you have initially set an appointment.

Contact Information of Chicago Passport Agency

If you are in a dire need a passport and hoping to get it in a day while in Chicago, then heading to the Chicago Passport Agency is the best option. The passport facility is situated in Chicago, IL at the Klucynski Federal Building. While the Chicago Passport Agency does not have its own public phone numbers that you can reach, an appointment can be easily set through the National Scheduling Center. You can get an appointment anytime and any day during the year. The number to contact is 1.877.487.2778.

Tips for an Effective Visit of the Chicago Passport Agency

Like any appointment, make sure you go to the Chicago Passport Agency at your set time. Lateness is not tolerated, even though you will be given a 15-minutes allowance. If you are late beyond this allowance of 15 minutes, then you will be forced to reschedule your appointment. To avoid this hassle and wasted opportunity to have a passport immediately, abide by your appointment time and date carefully. Set into your mind that this is very important.

Upon arrival, avoid wandering around and waste even more time. Once on the 18th floor, just follow the signs to the Chicago Passport Agency and head directly to the information desk. Provide the receptionist with your social security number. The receptionist may ask to see your appointment confirmation number so make sure to bring it. You will be given a queue number to wait for your turn.

To avoid wasted time and opportunity, be mindful also of the operating hours of the agency. You should note that the agency does not open during the weekend. Operating hours is the same for the whole week except for Wednesday. The agency is open from 8:30 AM to 3:30PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesday, you can expect the agency to be open from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.

In cases where you cannot physically go to the Chicago Agency to get the process done, you can also seek the help of a private expediting company. Depending on your needs, these companies might be able to supply your passport within 24 hours.

If you need to make emergency international travel and do not have a passport yet, there is no reason to fret. Regional passport facilities are designed to provide help to people just like you. The Chicago Passport Agency is the place you can visit if you are a resident in or near Chicago and you need a passport as soon as possible.