Connecticut Passport Agency

If you find yourself panicking about having to get a passport as fast as within 24 hours, going to a regional passport agency will be your best bet. If you are a resident of Connecticut, then you should go to the Connecticut Passport Agency for your concerns. It is designed precisely to help those who want an expedited passport application process. The Connecticut Passport Agency only caters to those traveling or submitting their passports for foreign visas within two weeks. The agency operates by appointment only.

Setting an Appointment at Connecticut Passport Agency

If you need a passport as soon as possible, you need to schedule an appointment with the Connecticut Passport Agency. The number to call is 1-877-487-2778. This can be done anytime. The Connecticut Passport Agency is located at 850 Canal Street Stamford, CT 06902.

The Agency operates only during the weekdays. It is closed on weekends and federal holidays. Before going there, make sure to note the operating hours. Except for Thursdays, the agency operates from 8:30AM to 3:30PM. On Thursdays, the agency operates at a later time. It opens at 10:30AM and stops operation at 3:30PM.

Tips Upon Arrival

Once you get a confirmation date and time of your appointment, make sure that you abide by the appointed date and time. Like any appointments you make, it is important to respect the agreed time. You will avoid a lot of trouble and unnecessary delays by doing so. The agency can give you up to 15 minutes allowance from the appointed time. However, if you are late beyond 15 minutes, you will be forced to reschedule. For normal appointments, rescheduling means wasted time and effort. In this case, it will mean losing the chance to make that trip that you want to take. Wasting time is not advisable.

For a more efficient visit of the Connecticut Passport Agency, make sure to bring complete requirements to avoid unnecessary delays or rescheduling, The most important document is your proof of your emergency travel visit and itinerary. Bring your confirmation number as well since this is presented to the receptionist along with your Social Security number.

Leave any weapons at home when you visit the Agency. Like any government agencies, security is very tight. You will have to go through metal detectors before stepping into the building of the agency. If you bring things that will be perceived as weapons, you may be barred from entering and you will lose the chance to get an emergency passport.

If you cannot personally make the trip to the agency, the best tip is to hire a company that offers the service of expediting the passport application processes. Go to one that can deliver your passport as fast as within 24 hours a day like Fastport.