Detroit Passport Agency

The Detroit Passport Agency can expedite the process of getting a passport for US citizens as well as foreign residents living in Detroit who need to travel within the next two weeks or within 28 days if they require a travel visa. To apply for an expedited passport, all that you have to do is make an appointment. The Detroit Passport Agency does not have a public phone number. Instead, applicants are required to dial 1.877.487.2778 to the National Scheduling Center which handles appointments for this agency.

If you are not traveling within 14 days, you must physically appear at a passport office. Moreover, if you need to make a trip soon and require your passport as soon as possible but cannot go to the Detroit Passport Agency, you can also apply online to obtain a registered expediting passport processing service. This can expedite your application for a passport to receive it as fast as the same day.

Detroit Passport Agency Location and Operating Hours

The Detroit Passport Agency is located at 211 West Fort Street Detroit, MI 48226-3269. Do not just drop by the agency anytime. It is not open during the weekends and federal holidays. To avoid wasting time, make sure to go there during the agency’s operating hours. The agency is only open from Monday to Friday. You should also take note that the agency opens at 8:30 in the morning. In addition, it stops operations earlier than traditional business hours.

Arriving at the Detroit Passport Agency

Like any other appointments you make, it is important to make sure to respect the scheduled time. If not, you will experience problems and delays. The Detroit Passport Agency only accepts lateness up to 15 minutes or else you will need to reschedule. Rescheduling is not a problem if you are not in a hurry. However, if you are expediting the passport process precisely because you have an emergency trip to take, then wasting more time is not ideal.

To avoid unnecessary delays, go to the Detroit Passport Agency with the complete requirements. The most important documents are the evidence of your emergency travel, particularly your itinerary. In addition, bring your Social Security number and your confirmation number on the date of appointment.

Make sure to leave any weapons you have in possession at home because the metal detectors can pick up on them and make your entry to the agency difficult. It is never wise to bring weapons or items that can be considered as such.
If you want a passport within 24 hours but cannot go to the Detroit Agency, you can hire a private expediting passport agency to do the task for you. A company such as Fastport Passport can help you get your passport within a day.