El Paso Passport Agency

The El Paso Passport Agency can provide US citizens who reside in the El Paso,TX area with passport services. Processing your application at the agency can ensure an expedited service for when you have an emergency trip.

They are able to issue your passport within the same day or up to 48 hours after appearing at the El Paso Passport Agency. This is more convenient and more accessible than the National Passport Center.

When applying at the NPC, you can expect processing to finish within 4-6weeks. This is highly troublesome when you need your passport for an emergency trip or for a travel visa. Instead of mailing in your application and waiting for weeks, consider booking an appointment at the El Paso agency to get your passport done in a day or two.

They provide passport books or passport cards for emergency situations when there is a need to travel within 14 days or for those who also require travel visa applications within 28 days.

El Paso TX Passport Agency Address, Operating Hours and Phone Number

The El Paso Passport Agency can be found inside the Anson Mills Building, which is located at 303 N. Oregon St., El Paso, TX 79901. Their offices are open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm daily. Booking appointments can be done through the phone. Call the Automated Appointment Services at 1-877-487-2778 to schedule your visit to the agency. They are open on weekdays except on Federal Holidays.

When You Arrive

It is important to arrive at the agencyon time. Those who are late for their appointments will not be entertained. If you arrive 15 minutes after your scheduled time, you will be asked to reschedule at a later date. All applicants will be required to pass through a metal detector when they arrive. Please leave metal objects behind and take note that weapons are strictly prohibited within federal grounds.

El Paso Passport Agency Services

The El Paso Passport Agency caters to applicants who are looking for New Passports, Passport Renewal, Child Passports, and Replacement Passports. In order to have your application processed, you should have the required documents stating your travel itinerary. In addition, please keep in mind that late arrivals will not be serviced at the El Paso agency.

If you wish to get your passport processed within 24-48 hours, be sure to book your appointment and bring evidence of your emergency need for a passport.