Emergency Passport Services

While the ideal scenario with emergency passport scenarios is not to require them at all. There may come a time when you may need an expedited passport. Take the time to check the validity of your passport. Also, those of your family members as well. Do this before you plan a trip abroad.  You will be far more relax by renewing an expired passport so that you have it in plenty of time for your trip. However, if a travel deadline is imminent, fortunately you do have options for rapid and efficient emergency passport services.

Emergency Passport Services

can request expedited passport service by mail or in person. It costs an additional $60 plus any require delivery costs. You should receive your expedited passport in about three weeks. You can get it even sooner if an urgent need is there. Emergency passport services do have exceptions. Exceptions would be if you are a first-time passport applicant.  Your most recent passport has been lost or stolen, or it was issued over 15 years ago.  In these cases, you must submit Form DS-11 in person at an authorized acceptance facility.

When to use Emergency Passport Services

citizens are eligible to request expedited services for first-time applications, renewals, and amendments of existing passports. First-time applications, as well as, replacements for lost or stolen passports should be taken care of in person.

If you plan to use the service, you should do these things as well:

• For mailed expedited passport renewals, submit Form DS-82 and write “EXPEDITE” clearly in block letters on the envelope.
• Include payment as a personal check or money order made payable to the United States Department of State; never send cash.
• Use a secure package such as a Tyvek envelope so that the contents of the mailing are protected from the elements while traveling through the delivery system.
• Use a traceable/trackable delivery method to mail your passport application and personal documents.
Using an Authorized Passport Acceptance Facility for Expedited Service

An expedited first time passport or the replacement of a lost or stolen one is most efficiently acquire at an in-person acceptance facility. Locate the authorized acceptance facility nearest you and find out the type of payment requirements. You will receive the fastest service at a designated U.S. Department of State Passport Agency. There are 28 of them around the U.S. Before going there, you will need to make an appointment. In addition, show proof of travel within two weeks.

Passport Expeditor and Courier Services

There are also private companies that can help with emergency passport services. Some are registered at passport agencies and can submit your expedite passport application on your behalf. Be sure and verify that the expeditor you choose will be able to meet your deadline at a price you are comfortable with.