How to get my expired passport renew fast

With summer quickly approaching, many Americans are getting ready for vacations in various parts of the world. With so many things to prepare for, it is possible to sometimes forget the most important thing when traveling abroad: a passport.

Typically, receiving a passport takes up to three months, which can be way too long for someone who realized only a month or two before leaving that their passport has expired. Fortunately, the government does offer a way to receive an expedited passport renewal.

According to the United States Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, individuals who need to quickly renew their passport can do so by mailing form DS-82 to the State Department. Form DS-82 can be picked up at most United States Postal Offices or printed from the State Department website.

For even faster expedited service, individuals can drop the form off at an Authorized Passport Acceptance Facility. Typically these will be a United States Post Office or U.S. Department of State Passport Agency, however there occasionally are exceptions. For more information, be sure to call the United States Department of State or visit their website.