Missing Birth Certificate – This is what you must do

A missing birth certificate can leave you in a frenzy. How does an individual get a passport if they lost their birth certificate?

Where To Apply for A Missing Birth Certificate

Anyone who lose their birth certificate can apply for a certified copy. The form is distinguishable because of it length. The form comes from the city, state, or county records department. The certified copy of the birth certificate must have the clerk’s raised, impress, emboss, or multicolor seal. In addition, the issuing clerk’s signature and the date on the certified copy of the certificate was file at the clerk’s office.

Secondary Documents

The individual may also present secondary documents to show proof of their U.S. citizenship. These documents include the following:

  • hospital issued birth record, medical records of the individuals delivery, and post deliver care while in the hospital
  • immunization records must’ve the date the year the individual was born
  • early records from school (such as the immunization record required by the school and enrollment papers from the first school attended.)
  • census record
  • baptismal record
  •  family bible record

These documents must show on them the individual full name, date of birth, and place of birth listed. When the individual is using secondary documentations as proof of citizenship , they will generally need more than one documentation.

They will be ask to provide proof of identification. Such proof of identification are:

  • driver license
  • government issued id
  • military id