Keep Old Passport – Why I should keep my old passport

When you get your new passport, you may sometimes be given your expired passport back, as well. The National Passport Processing Center will typically mail your old passport back with the new one. The old passport will clearly be deem unusable.  If you get your passport at the post office, they may let you keep your old passport. Keep old passport in a safe place and don’t discard in the garbage.

The question is… what do you do with the old expired passport now?

Keep Old Passport

If you want to keep the old passport as a sentimental value, go ahead. However, you will want to keep the old passport somewhere safe like in a lock draw or file cabinet that needs a key to open. If the old passport is not store in a safe place, an intruder breaking into your home can get a hold of it. For you, the old passport is something you keep to remember those fun adventures you went on. The intruder will see the old passport as an opportunity for identity theft or may even sell the passport to a forger.

You can get rid of the old passport so that you don’t have to take the risk. One way to do so is to shred the passport. The last thing you need is for somebody digging through the trash and find your passport.

Whether or not you keep the old passport is up to you. Just make sure your passport stays out of the hands of criminals.  That means, shredding the old one or keeping it tucked away in a safe or a locked drawer will protect you from identity theft.