Renew Passport – How long the process takes

A standard renew passport processing time generally takes between four to six weeks. It can take longer during peak travel times. The routine passport service is a good option for those who do not have immediate travel plans. When you don’t want to wait six or more weeks to receive your renew passport, you may find it more convenient to use an expedited service. Take into consideration this process cost more.

Expedited Passport Service

Using an expedited passport process service will allow you to get your passport sooner than using the standard service. It generally takes two or three weeks to receive your passport using an expedited application process.

The application procedure for an expedited passport is the same as for the standard service with two important exceptions. You must pay your application fee and $60 for the expedition service. For the expedition process, you must provide proof of travel plans. Proof of travel can be an E-ticket or a reservation from the airline. You will also need to send your application to the address shown on the expedited form.

Renew Passport Process

You can help ensure that the process goes smoothly by doing these three things:

  • Write “expedited” in clear letters on the outside of the envelope
  • Use an express delivery service with a traceable option
  • Add the amount of overnight delivery to the total payment

Urgent Passport Service

Those who have immediate travel needs can apply for urgent passport expediting. A regional passport agency can process your application within a a few days to as quickly as the same day. (If you are unable to visit a regional agency in person to apply for urgent passport service, it is recommended that you authorize a registered expediting service to handle the application on your behalf to ensure that you receive your passport in a timely fashion.