New York Passport Services – How we can expedite your application

Whenever you begin the process of getting a new passport or renewing an existing one, the general goal is to get everything done as quickly and as easily as possible. Whether you’re currently a resident of the great state of New York or you’re just visiting, it’s important to realize that you have a few different options with regards to getting a passport or renewing one that you already have in this area. New York Passport Services can help relieve you of the passport application process.

Getting a Passport with New York Post Offices

Whenever you’re in New York, you can also renew a passport and apply for a new one at any post office that you find. You’ll need to provide all of the proper documentation or present your existing passport in the case of a renewal. Out of all your options, however, it’s important to realize that going to the post office will most certainly be the one that takes the most amount of time. Especially, in a heavily populated state like New York or in a city like Manhattan.

Getting a Passport with NYC Passport Agency

Another option that you have available to you for getting a passport in New York involves using New York Passport Services. This method will be faster than going to a post office as regional passport offices are dedicated to this one goal, while post offices are primarily used for the purposes of sending and receiving mail but also offer passport services.

Depending on the needs of your situation, however, you still might not have enough time to wait on a regional passport office if you need to renew your passport or apply for a new one as quickly as possible.

New York Passport Services-Expedited Services

The fastest option that you have with regards to getting a passport in New York is to use expedited passport services. Routine passport services take between four and six weeks, though it could be even longer if you’re applying or renewing during a peak travel season. Expedited passport services can renew your passport or get you a new one on the same day that you apply if you’re able to meet certain strict requirements.

Because you’re in New York, you have the benefit of being physically close to a processing center in New York City. As a result, so long as you have all of the proper documents and everything is in proper order, expedited passport services can submit your documents via courier to the passport processing center in New York City as quickly as possible. Applying on your behalf in these situations is typically done via an experienced expediting service like Fastport Passport.