Passport Expediting Service

A United States Passport is commonly required for all travel related purposes too and from the country. Regardless of whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll still need to have a proper United States passport before you leave. Passport applications can be completed both online and in person. Under normal conditions, the average amount of time that it takes for officials to process a passport is around six weeks. During the warm summer months of the year when an increased number of people from around the country are taking vacations, this amount of time has the potential to increase dramatically.

If you have knowledge of your trip well in advance, six weeks or longer for passport processing likely won’t be any type of major inconvenience. If you’ve been planning a vacation abroad with your family for several months or even a year or more, for example, you have more than enough time to take care of all passport obligations for the entire family before the trip finally rolls around. However, certain circumstances may crop up where you need to travel sooner rather than later and don’t have the ability to wait that long to receive your documentation. For those types of situations, passport expediting services are here to help.

Getting your passport processed through an expediting service is very similar in concept to traditional channels, only a representative from the expediting service will carry all of your documents through at a very important point in the process. You will still fill out the application like you normally would and include all necessary documentation. This may include a copy of your birth certificate, a copy of a legal name change form, a passport photograph and more.

Passport photographs need to meet very strict requirements to be used for the purposes of travel. It will need to be two inches by two inches in size, has to have been taken within the last six months and must show a frontal view of your face.

Once all of your passport documentation has been compiled and you’ve paid the appropriate application fee, you will then contact the expediting service to carry that documentation through the rest of the process. You will need to pay an overnight delivery fee along with the specified service fee to help make sure that your documentation is received, that it is processed without issue and that it is all returned back to you along with your new passport promptly.