Passport Form DS-82 For Renewing an Expired Passport

If you need to renew your expired passport, you will need to do so using form DS-82. Form DS-82 can be used to process your application for passport renewal by mail if a number of requirements are true. If your current passport is undamaged, for example, you can submit it along with your application in the mail.

You also need to have a passport that was both issued within the last fifteen years and issued after the age of sixteen and a passport that was issued with either your current name or that you can submit alongside a document showing the name that you’ve legally changed your name to. If any of those requirements are not met, you will need to fill out form DS-82 and submit your application for passport renewal in person.

If you want to begin the process of renewing your expired passport by mail, you can do so by first downloading, printing out and filling out form DS-82 from the Department of State’s official website. Once completed, you will also need to submit your expired passport book (or card, depending on the specifics of your situation), pay the appropriate fee, provide one new passport photo and mail the application to the address listed on the form.

In order for a passport photo to be considered valid, it must meet size requirements of two by two inches, must reflect your current appearance and must show a full frontal view of your face. No side view photos will be accepted. Passport photos can be taken at any United States Post Office, as well as many pharmacies that may be located in your area.

When you mail in all of the aforementioned materials along with your passport renewal form, it is recommended that you use an envelope that is large enough to contain all documents without needing to bend them. Though the documents will fit inside a traditional mail envelope, you will need to fold them in order to do so which could delay the processing go f your application significantly. It is also recommended that you pay extra money for a trackable method of delivery so that you always know where your passport renewal form is in transit.

When filling out for DS-82, it is also possible to request a larger passport book. To do so, all you need to do is print the term “52 page” at the top of your passport application before filling it out and sending it in. The renewed passport book that you receive in the mail will contain 52 pages, which is ideal for frequent travelers. These additional pages will be provided at no cost to you beyond the application fee.