Regional Passport Agency

U.S. passports are required of all citizens who travel in and out of the United States. A Regional passport agency exist in all parts of the U.S. where travelers can apply for passports and renew expired passport. These agencies are authorized by the State Department to process expedited passport for U.S. citizens who needs to travel within 14 days or 30 days if a visa is required.

Document Needed for Passport Agency

  • Proof of Emergency Travel
  • Appointment
  • Documents for Passport Services

Proof of Emergency Travel – Regional Passport Agency process most passport applicant on the spot for emergency purpose only. These passport agencies usually determine it is an emergency by viewing the applicant proof of emergency travel such as travel itinerary or eticket.

Appointment – Appointment is required at most passport agency you will first have to call the National Scheduling Center which is an automated number to schedule an appointment at the nearest passport agency.

Documents for Passport Services – When applying at the passport agency you will need to provide all required documents for the services you are applying.

Regional Passport Agency in United States of America

Arkansas Passport Agency Atlanta Passport Agency Boston Passport Agency
Buffalo Passport Agency Chicago Passport Agency Colorado Passport Agency
New York Passport Agency Boston Passport Agency Boston Passport Agency
Connecticut Passport Agency Dallas Passport Agency Detroit Passport Agency
El Paso Passport Agency Honolulu Passport Agency Houston Passport Agency
Los Angelas Passport Agency Miami Passport Agency Minneapolis Passport Agency
National Passport Center New Orleans Passport Agency New York Passport Agency
Philadelphia Passport Agency San Diego Passport Agency San Francisco Passport Agency
Seattle Passport Agency Vermont Passport Agency Washington Passport Agency
Western Passport Center

How Regional Passport Agencies Work?

Passport Agencies are authorize by the State Department to process last minute passport to anyone who need to obtain a rush passport. This agency would verify all documents and process your passport application on the spot usually processing time at the passport agency is 24 hours to few days this is determine by  the passport agency, and proof of travel to determine when you will get your new passport.

The State Department requires that all applicants make an appointment with the passport agency. No charge exists to make an appointment with a regional passport agency, and the State Department provides a toll-free number that is open 24 hours per day where applicants can make the necessary appointments.

Expedited Passports with a Private Expediting Company

It typically takes between four to six weeks for standard passport applications to be processed directly through passport acceptance agent. And with Passport Agency during the peak travel periods, this process can sometimes take longer to obtain an appointment. Travelers who need to get their passports in a hurry can avail themselves of the services of a private expedited passport services. Although the cost is higher for these services, travelers who want to ensure that they will have their passports in time for them to travel find it well worth the added cost.