Renew Passport Expired -When to renew my passport

When traveling internationally, some countries require that visitor’s passport be valid for a period of at least six months upon arrival within the borders. For this reason, some travelers may find that they need to renew a passport that is not yet expired. Renew passport expired can take some time. For this reason, start the process way before the expired date or a plan or emergency trip.

Renew Passport Expired Form

The U.S. Passport Agency places no restrictions on passport holders who wish to renew their passports before the expiration date. A form, DS-82, must be completed and submitted during the renewal process. This form is available on line. The DS-82 can be completed online and print for submission along with the application. This form can also be print then manually fill out. When filling out a black ink must be use. In fact, the only renewal requirements are that the passport holder received the most recent passport at age 16 or older and that the issue date of the most recent passport is within the last 15 years.

Passport Periods

When issued, the valid period for U.S. passports varies based on the passport applicant’s age at the time of application. For adults, a passport has a valid term of 10 years before it expires. For minors 15 years and under during the application process, a passport is valid for just five years. Minors at age 16 or 17 at the time of the application, the passport is valid for the standard 10 years similar to adults.

Whether a valid passport is lost, misplaced or doesn’t meet the validity requirements of another country, U.S. passport holders can renew passports at any time before they expire. A passport renewal can also be done after the passport expires. The process to do so is the same.