Renew Passport-How do I renew my passport?

Renewing a US passport is a very easy process. Much easier than obtaining a passport for the first time. If you are traveling in less than two weeks, you must appear in person at a regional processing agency and request expedited service. If you have planned ahead, you can submit your renewal application, Form DS-82, via US mail if you meet the following criteria:

  • Your passport was issued after your sixteenth birthday.
  • Your passport was issued less than 15 years ago.
  • Your passport is available to be submitted with your application and it doesn’t show significant damage.
  • Your passport was issued in your current name. If it wasn’t issued in your current name, you have supporting evidence of your name change.

If you do not meet the above criteria, you cannot renew your existing passport. You must, in fact, submit an application in person for a new passport.

If you do meet the above criteria, all you have to do is the following:

  • Go to www.travel.state.gov. Click on Passports, then Get or Renew Passports, then Renewing.
  • Navigate to the How to Apply for a Passport Renewal page, then download Form DS-82 and fill in in.
  • Gather the supporting documents Form DS-82 states that you need.
  • Mail the application, your existing passport and the supporting documents.