DS-11 – What you need to know about this form

One of the most common mistakes people make when filling out the DS-11 Application Form is signing the form as soon as they are completing it. The rules for completing the application for a passport are very specific.

DS-11 Application – When To Sign It

You are not permitted to sign the form until you are at the passport office and the agent who is checking your DS-11 Application Form and your proof of citizenship and identification documents tells you that it is time to sign. If you sign it in advance, the Acceptance Agent at the passport office will instruct you to complete a new form.

Where Not To Sign

You will see a section on the form that begins in the middle of page1, just after item number 9. The Acceptance Agent will complete this section. Simply skip over this section and continue to page 2, where you will find the remaining items that you must fill out in advance. Once the Acceptance Agent has reviewed your form and your documents to make sure the information is correct, he or she will ask you to sign the form.