Passport Documents

The 52 Page Passport Explained

The standard passport booklet contains 28 pages used for entry and exit stamps as well as visas. Of the 28 pages, only 17 are actually used for stamps and visas. A number of countries require the passport to have several pages empty when you are entering their country for travel. To avoid issues while traveling, if your passport book is almost full, consider adding more pages to your passport, or apply for a renewal of the passport. There is also a more substantial passport available that offers travelers more pages to work with from the outset.

More Pages, Less Hassle

Those who travel often might want to consider opting for a 52-page passport book right from the start. Applicants for both new and renewal passports are eligible to request a 52-page book for no extra cost. Of the 52 total pages, 43 of them are blank and can be used for both entry and exit stamps as well as visas. To receive the more substantial (52 page) book for no extra cost to you as a passport applicant, all you have to do is check the box next to “52 page” in the top portion of the passport application. The following applications have the 52-page option for your passport:

Form DS-11: This form is appropriate if you will be applying for a new passport for the very first time or are ineligible to use a passport renewal form for any reason.

Form DS-82: The DS-82 form should be used if you are renewing a current passport booklet.

It should be noted that while you can check the box for the 52 page passport book on your application, doing so does not guarantee that you will be issued the larger passport book.

Adding Pages to Your Passport

If you are a frequent traveler, you can add more pages to a current valid passport if you fulfill the following two requirements:

1. Your current passport book is valid and not expired
2. You are able to submit the passport in order to have more pages added to it

Extra passport pages are added in packets comprised of 24 pages at a time. You are allowed to request up to two packets added to your book at once for the same “add pages” fee.

Note: Some countries may have restrictions that will not allow entry if your passport has less than six months of valid time remaining on it. Before you travel, be sure to find out the specific rules for your destination country and take steps to renew your passport if necessary.